Foundation Repair Tips

  1. Concrete slabs develop hairline cracks over time; this can be repaired with the use of epoxy glue.

  2. Maintain consistent moisture levels by installing rock beds away from your foundation. The beds allow rain and sprinkler water to penetrate into the soil around your home.

  3. Ensure proper grading, the slope should be approximately 3 to 5 percent within 10-feet of your foundation.

  4. Perform yearly plumbing inspections and repair leaks as soon as you find them.

  5. Be aware of collecting water in low areas, drainage should occur in areas of lower elevation or a gravel filled catch basin.

  6. Foundation that is uneven should be repaired to prevent any other deterioration. The walls should be repaired from the inside with wood or steel braces spaced 6ft apart alongside the wall.

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